Vocational Training

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Our career training programs are designed for individuals seeking a new career or simply looking to upgrade skills within a present occupation. Classes are full and part-time, cost-effective and typically less than a year in length. In today's competitive job market, employers are looking for someone who has a good work ethic and strong hands-on skills. Our qualified instructors are able to provide the necessary training to meet the specific needs of area employers.

Programs are scheduled to fit into an adult's busy lifestyle. We offer training during the day or evening and occasionally, on Saturdays. If you're looking for flexibility, adult education has many training opportunities available to you. By expanding your knowledge and enhancing your personal and professional development, job prospects are right around the corner!

Check out these classes that could get you on the track toward a rewarding future:

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What we offer:


Commercial Drivers License

GST BOCES Adult Ed semi trucks

GST BOCES CDL program is a well-respected truck driver training program that prepares individuals for a career on the road. You will learn safety rules and regulations and gain knowledge of industry expectations. As long as products need to get to customers, there will be employment available in this field. This career also offers the opportunity for advancement and self-employment.

Instructors: Dave Decker, Andy Dennis, Roy Gay, Brian Hatfield, Mark Payne, Floyd Sick

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Computer Technician

According to the NYS Career Zone, a Computer Technician provides technical assistance to computer system users, answer questions to resolve computer problems for clients in person, via telephone or from remote locations. The tech may provide assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word processing and electronic mail and operating systems. The computer technician will also need to have critical thinking skills, effective communication skills, good reading comprehension, complex problem solving and good listening skills. Also, you will be required to have instructing skills so you can teach others how to use their computers properly.

Some of the tasks you could expect to do include:

Tecnician fixing on laptop internals

By 2016, it is estimated that there will be close to 37,000 Computer Support specialists employed in NYS and this represents over 1,000 job openings a year. In NYS, the average entry level employee earns approximately $33,700 annually and an experienced technician can earn up to $62,000 or more depending on location.

Instructor: Robert Stanley



The practice of "Cosmetology" (to provide a service to the hair, head, face, neck or scalp of a person) is a 1000 hour licensing course. The program covers hair analysis, hair and scalp disorders and diseases, haircutting and shaping, hair styling, chemical restructuring, hair coloring and lightening, nail care and skin care.

Our mission is to provide our students with a solid foundation of practical skills with the most up-to date styles, trends and services.

This profession allows you to express yourself in an art that you will learn to master while having fun in obtaining a new and rewarding career!

Instructors: Jody Andrus, Andrew D'Apice, Terri Dobbs, Deb Taylor

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Electrician with gear

Electricity Program

Learn and earn specific job-related certificates as you study the principles and applications of basic electricity, residential and commercial settings, now including "green" electricity principles. Each module is 60 hours and will take you step-by-step through the fundamentals of electricity. Start your new career today! Students may take these modules individually or sequentially. Funding agencies may elect to pay for the 3 modules up front for a total of 180 hours of training.

Instructors: Chuck Dahlhaus, Larry Horn

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Learning about cosmetics


Esthetics (enhancing the appearance of the face, neck, arms, legs and shoulders) is a 600-hour licensing course in the field of skin care. The program covers anatomy and physiology, bacteriology, sterilization, structure and function of the skin, facial procedures, waxing, basic make-up techniques, business practices and the use of various machines.

Instructors: Deb Phelps, Karen Randall

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According to the NY Career Zone, the employment prospects for Heating and Air Conditioning Mechanics and Installers are very favorable and this occupation is listed on the demand occupation list.

In our program you will learn to install, service and repair heating and air conditioning systems in homes and businesses such as hospitals, office buildings and factories. People working in this profession deal directly with people, so they need to be courteous and tactful. They also should be in good physical condition because there may be heavy equipment to lift.

Instructor: Frank Freeborn

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Industrial Maintenance

This program is designed to train individuals as entry level Millwrights. Millwrights are highly-skilled workers who maintain facilities, install, assemble and dismantle machinery in factories, power plants and construction sites. GST BOCES can put you on the path to becoming successful with this skill set and prepare you to be a qualified employee at a local business.

Instructor: Dave Decker

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Medical Secretary Program

Pre-requisite: Office Support Specialist, Secretarial or Receptionist training Programs, or have previous Secretarial/Receptionist Experience.

This 144 hour program will include Medical Terminology, Medical Administration, and Basic Billing and Coding (ICD 9 and CPT)

Medical receptionist on the phone

Medical Terminology

Medical Office Administration

Medical Billing and Coding


Nail Technology/Waxing Specialty


The practice of "Nail Technology" (to provide a service to shape or enhance the appearance of the nails of the hands or feet) is a 310 hour licensing course. The program covers manicuring & pedicuring, hand and arm massage, tip application and design, nail wraps, gel nails, liquid and powder nail extensions, waxing and nail art.

The demand continues to rise in the field of nail specialty. For many people, manicures, pedicures and acrylic nails are a small investment that they will continue to work into their budget, even in tough economic times. So why not become licensed and provide a personal service that will help a client look and feel their best.

Instructor: Deb Schmidt

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Office Support Specialist

Office skills are in local demand. Are you ready to meet today's fast-paced, challenging office environment? Are your computer skills top-notch? If you need to gain new skills or improve your current office skills, this 300-hour certificate program is for you.

Instructors: Jeanne Gore, Judy Greven

Martha King

Martha King, a retired reading teacher, recently completed Office Support Specialist training through GST BOCES Adult Education and Training Program. Before completing the program, she was offered a position as a sales assistant at WETM-TV.

"This program is ideal for a fast brush up on skills or to retool for a new line of employment in just six months. It gives you valuable skills that employers are looking for."

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Precision Machining

Did you know that everything manufactured begins with precision machining? Every manufacturing process uses the techniques in machining to build a production line. At GST BOCES, our instructors will provide the opportunity to develop the skills and learn the technology necessary to run machine tools accurately and safely.

By enrolling in our training program, we can provide qualified to fill the needs of our local business community.

Instructors: Dave Decker, Steve Decker

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General/Advanced Welding

This is a 171-hour course study in the welding field, providing instruction and hands on experience in basic stick, oxyfuel, Mig and Tig welding. Students will gain hands-on experience using the tools, equipment and consumables of the welding trade and receive instruction of in-depth skills with concentration on techniques and proficiency in the welding field. Upon successful completion of this program a GST BOCES certificate will be issued.

Welding with a lot of sparks!

The U.S. Bureau of Labor projects a labor shortage of 250,000 welding professionals by the year 2010, as baby boomers retire.

If you enjoy working with your hands, the welding trade can offer you excellent earning potential. As a welder, your job will be to join metals by heating or melting the metallic surfaces to be united via several different processes. You'll also be responsible to set up jobs following very specific instructions for finished products. Your ability to read blueprints and welding-control specifications will come into play. Most of all, your success will depend on your level of skill and experience as a welder.

Most welding jobs are found in the manufacturing industries especially those producing metal products, motor vehicles, and machinery. Welders are also used in shipbuilding, aerospace applications, power plants, construction, refineries and to join pipes in pipelines. Advancement into supervisory or inspection positions is possible with additional skills and experience.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics shows welding jobs will grow more slowly than average through 2016. However, welders will have excellent job opportunities as some employers report difficulty finding trained welders.

Instructors: Scott Apthorp, Tim Cheresnowsky, Mike Lederman, Richard Loucks, Fran Wing

Choose from the following courses:

BSH-6461-F19 - Welding