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Electrical Training

Electricity Program

BSH-5701-P17 - Pre-requisite: Must complete entrance assessment. Learn and earn specific job related certificates as you study the principles and applications of basic electricity, residential and commercial settings, now including “green” electricity principles. Each module is 60 hours and will take you step-by-step through the fundamentals of electricity. Start your new career today!

Instructor:  Dahlhaus
Time:8:30 AM-3 PM*
Cost:$4,650 + **incl
Location:Bush Campus Bldg 7 Rm 704 shop
*1/2 hour lunch **includes book & basic tool kit


Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

BSH-9604-P17 - Pre-requisite: Must complete entrance assessment. Also needs to have successfully completed the Electricity Program, Industrial Maintenance program or have an understanding of basic electricity, AC and DC theory with instructor’s approval. Also basic understanding and experience with the Windows PC environment. This training program is intended to provide a fundamental understanding of the Programmable Logic Controller. This includes the hardware components included in a Programmable Logic Controller system and the software used to create, debug and monitor the system. The program consists of both class lectures and hands on labs with PLC hardware, industrial sensors and a variety of devices typically controlled and monitored by PLCs. By definition, this training course is not a “programming “class. However, significant time is spent within the programming environment in an effort to enable the student to fully grasp the programming concepts, use the development environment in troubleshooting, process monitoring, and data collection.

Instructor:  Kelley
Time:5:00 - 9:00pm
Location:Bush Campus Bldg 2 Rm202A/B


Rewiring an Old House

BSH-5702-P17 - Pre-requisite: Must complete entrance assessment. Basic electrical knowledge. This course addresses issues encountered in upgrading the electrical system found in an existing house. Topics include such issues as required outlet and switch locations, installation techniques, circuit layouts, and service installation. Lab time includes installation of outlets in existing walls, and service panel work. This is the perfect class for the safety and wiring knowledge needed for the DIY projects in your life.

Instructor:  Dahlhaus
Time:8:30 - 3 PM*
Location:Bush Bldg 7 Rm 704
* ½ hr lunch


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

BSH-9603-P17 - Pre-requisite: Must complete entrance assessment. Students should have a solid understanding of AC and DC theory, single phase and 3 phase power. In this 60 hour course students will gain a solid understanding in the application and troubleshooting of the Variable Frequency Drive. The course provides a balance of lectures and hands on exercises with a practical approach. Course topics covered include induction theory, motor technologies/types, Variable Frequency Drive architecture, control methods, installation, configuration, operation, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. Intended audience – electricians and technicians.

Instructor:  Kelley
Time:5 - 9 PM
Location:Bush Campus Bldg 2 Rm202A/B