Career Training

Precision Machining/Computer Aided Design Training

Accelerated Machinist Partnership (AMP)

BSH-9600-AMP - Interested in Pursuing a Career in CNC Machining? CSS Workforce New York has partnered with GST BOCES and local CNC Machining employers to offer an exciting new program! The Accelerated Machinist Partnership Training provides 440 hours of classroom instruction combined with 280 hours of hands-on internship experience with several local businesses. Upon successful completion of the program, employment opportunities may be available with one of the participating businesses. Classroom content includes: Shop safety - Blue print reading - Precision measurement - Manual & CNC fundamentals - Work ethic development.

Financial assistance and supportive services are available for those meeting eligibility requirements. ................................................... For MORE INFORMATION on this OPPORTUNITY, please contact GST BOCES at 739-4296 or SPEAK WITH AN EMPLOYMENT COUNSELOR in the CSSWFNY CAREER CENTER. Training begins September 12th!


Computer Aided Drafting & Design

BSH-9602-P17 - Prerequisite-Basic blue print knowledge is required. This 48 hour program will feature the Solid Works Software Program. Classes will cover 2D sketching, 3D modeling, drafting, assembly and component testing. Gain the knowledge needed to enter the growing world of high tech manufacturing.

Instructor:  B.Theetge
Location:Bush Campus Bldg 8 Seneca Rm
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Industrial Maintenance

BSH-9801-W17 - Prerequisite- Must meet pre-admission assessment requirements (TABE). The Industrial Maintenance Program has been developed as a request through local industry. The curriculum provides a total of 246 hours of instruction and gives an individual knowledge in blueprint, basic pneumatics and hydraulics, CNC maintenance and basic industrial electrical. The program will provide qualified individuals the skills to acquire employment or job advancement throughout the region.

Instructor:  D.Decker
Time:8 AM-2:30 PM
Location:Bush Campus Bldg 7 Rm 704L
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Precision Machining

BSH-9600-F18 - Prerequisite-Must meet pre-admission assessment requirements (TABE). This machining program provides a total of 400 hours of instruction and gives an individual the knowledge of blueprint reading, precision measurement, lathes and mills, CNC and basic programming skills. It will fill the needs of our local business community and provide qualified candidates for career opportunities in our area.

Instructor:  Decker
Date:Fall 2017
Location:Bush Campus Bldg 7
Please call 739-4295 to schedule an assessment (TABE) before you can register for the program.