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Automotive - Basic Vehicle Maintenance

6020 - Protect that vehicle investment! Your vehicle is the second highest investment and this course is designed for the vehicle owner who knows nothing about his/her vehicle(s) and wants to protect his/her investment. No matter what age, make, type of car, SUV or light truck (pick up) you drive; this non-technical course is for you! The course covers; basic maintenance and how the engine, transmission, brakes, bodywork protection and electronics work, all explained in an easy format that will give you a basic understanding of your vehicle. We will do some practical tests, such as changing a flat tire, installing a child seat correctly, checking engine fluids on your vehicle along with addressing safety issues. We will also cover how to talk to your local service center consultants and technicians so they clearly understand your concerns when your vehicle has an issue. If you have an owner's manual please bring it!