Computer Training

Microsoft Excel Training

Excel-Level I

7012 -

Prerequisite-Proficient in Windows.

This class will teach you the meaning of “number crunching.” You will create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that organize numbers and format them in ways that make numbers meaningful to your audience. Enter and edit your numbers with ease! You’ll see how simple it can be to write a formula or to have Excel submit a formula for you. Then, it’s a snap to create charts or just save and print the data.

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Excel-Level II

7014 -

Prerequisite-Basic Excel knowledge.

If you’re familiar with the basic “number crunching” features of Microsoft Excel, you’re now ready to learn data management. In this course you’ll learn how to enter and edit data in lists, then sort and filter the data. Let Excel calculate the subtotals for you. Create pivot tables and analyze your data with goal seek. Protect your worksheets and create templates to ease your workload.

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