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Dog Obedience I

4000 - A well-mannered, obedient dog is a pleasure to be around. In this class, which is designed to fit your dog and his/her age, learn the basic techniques for achieving a controllable pet. Whether going on to AKC events or simply training the perfect companion for at home or in public, this class is a MUST for any dog owner. This class is recommended by local veterinarians.

**Please DO NOT bring dogs the first night of class and BRING proof of required shots.** Dogs must be at least 8-weeks-old. **Register Early! This class fills quickly.**



Instructor:  Shaw
Date:04/09 - 06/11/18
Time:6:00pm - 7:00 pm
Location:Bush Campus Bldg 1 / Gym


Dog Obedience II

4010 - Prerequiste-Dog must have completed Dog Obedience I with Mona Shaw.

This level of dog obedience will fine-tune your dog’s basic obedience skills, along with a few new skills. These skills will make your dog more of a joy to the community, or for the serious trainer, this will prepare your dog for agility training, rally obedience, or novice obedience. Each class will lead up to and prepare your dog for the final class in which the Canine Good Citizen and the AKC Community Canine test will be offered which is an AKC title /certificate and is offered to mixed breeds too.



Instructor:  Shaw
Date:04/09 - 06/11/18
Time:7:00pm - 8:00pm
Location:Bush Campus Bldg 1 / Gym


Italian Conversation & Grammar

3131 - Come learn practical Italian for common activities such as shopping, traveling and visiting sites. Learn about Italian culture, customs and history. You’ll feel like you’re in Italy.

Students must purchase: Italian Made Simple ISBN # 0-7679-1539-9 and Easy Italian Step by Step ISBN # 9780071453899 at a local book store.



Instructor:  Mafalda Masia
Time:5:00pm - 6:30pm
Location:Elmira High School Room 114
Students must purchase: Italian Made Simple ISBN # 0-7679-1539-9 and Easy Italian Step by Step ISBN # 9780071453899 at a local book store.



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Small Engine Tune-Ups and Repair

6021 - Prerequisite- none. Everyone owns at least one small gas engine and many own several. This course is designed for the home-owner, so you can learn to service and repair your own equipment. The technical skills learned here will save you money and give you the enjoyment of repairing your own equipment for years!


Spanish I

3000 - Habla usted español? Come learn the basic of this widely spoken language. This course will include lessons in useful vocabulary, phrases and basic grammar skills. Learn Spanish history, customs and culture.

Students must purchase Complete Spanish All-in-One ISBN# 978-0-07-183135-2 at a local book store.


Spanish II

3001 - Prerequiste: Spanish I or equivalent knowledge. Take your Spanish skills to the next level. You will be introduced to verbs and will learn more about reading and phrases.

Book used for level II will be continuation of book used in Level I Spanish


Welding for the Hobbyist

6463 - Pre-requisite: Must complete entrance assessment. Learn the basic welding skills for the hobbyist. You gain a basic knowledge of mig, tig and stick welding and cutting torches. You many bring a small job or project, if you have one. You must provide your own protection gear if not purchasing welding kit.

*welding kit available for additional $175



Date:08/06 - 08/21/18
Time:7am - 1:30pm
Location:Bush Campus Bldg 2