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Dog Obedience Courses


Dog Obedience I

4000 - A well-mannered, obedient dog is a pleasure to be around. In this class, which is designed to fit your dog and his/her age, learn the basic techniques for achieving a controllable pet. Whether going on to AKC events or simply training the perfect companion for at home or in public, this class is a MUST for any dog owner. This class is recommended by local veterinarians.

**Please DO NOT bring dogs the first night of class and BRING proof of required shots.** Dogs must be at least 8-weeks-old. **Register Early! This class fills quickly.**


Dog Obedience II

4010 - Prerequisite-Dog must have completed Dog Obedience I with Mona Shaw.

This level of dog obedience will fine-tune your dog’s basic obedience skills, along with a few new skills. These skills will make your dog more of a joy to the community, or for the serious trainer, this will prepare your dog for agility training, rally obedience, or novice obedience. Each class will lead up to and prepare your dog for the final class in which the AKC Canine Good Citizen and the AKC Community Canine, AKC Urban, Trick Dog Novice, Intermediate and Advance tests will be offered which are AKC titles and AKC offers a certificate which also includes mixed breeds.