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Beginning Welding

CAM-6460-W19 - GST BOCEs Adult Education and Career Services, in conjunction with Cameron Manufacturing and Design, will offer this introductory welding course at Cameron's main facility located at 727 Blostein Blvd, Horseheads.

Prerequistie - Must complete entrance assessment. This program will provide instruction in basic welding skills. Students will gain hands-on experience using the tools, equipment and consumables of the welding trade and receive training for in-depth skills with concentration on techniques and proficiency in the welding field. Areas of instruction include blue print reading, welding symbols, theory and practice in all aspects of welding, including Stick, Mig and Tig (SMAW,GMAW and GTAW). Upon successful completion of this program, a GST BOCES certificate will be issued.


Instructor:  Greg Morehart
Day:T & Th
Date:02/21/19 - 07/18/19
Time:4pm - 8pm
Location:Cameron Manufacturing and Design
Call 607-739-7905 to schedule your entrance assessment.