Career Information

CareerZone - CareerZone is a new electronic career exploration system developed for teachers and students by the New York State Department of Labor. CareerZone organizes the occupational information found in the O*NET Database around the framework of New York's six School-to-Work career clusters. CareerZone provides students with up-to-date career information that can be accessed in the classroom, library, guidance office, computer center and over the Internet.

Electronic Recruiting News - For several years, this site has provided both recruiters and job hunters with news and tips about online recruiting updated almost every weekday. It's a good site to learn about what's going on in the industry.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook - The most widely used career information, published by the U.S. Department of Labor. The OOH provides accurate and up-to-date descriptions for all major jobs.

W. Edwards Deming Institute - Information on quality principles.

The Monster Board - An award winning site providing excellent career resources.

Microsoft Careers - Information on careers with Microsoft and the software industry.

Women's Work - business information for women

Ask the Headhunter - Tom Peters calls Ask The Headhunter "a radical approach to help job hunters win job offers and a powerful hiring tool for employers."

MonsterTrak - With over 35,000 visitors per day and 3,000 new job openings daily, JOBTRAK is one of the largest and most popular employment sites on the internet. The key to this success is the exclusive content and unique partnerships that JOBTRAK has formed over the past ten years with over 800 college career centers nationwide.

Career Builder - "where employers and job seekers go first," is the leading employment site on the Web.

Central New York Area Health Education Center - Established in 2001, CNYAHEC is a local, non-profit organization located in Cortland, New York whose mission is to promote improvements in the supply, training, development and distribution of health professionals in a 14 county area of Central New York. With state and federal funding, dedicated staff, and a growing network of community partners throughout the region, CNYAHEC is supporting today's health care workforce and growing tomorrow's.

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