Terms of Use

What MyFi IS:

  • MyFi is a tool to allow employees of GST BOCES, its component school districts, vendors, and the NYS Education Department to transfer files amongst themselves that would otherwise be too large or difficult to share.
  • MyFi saves a single file on a remote server and notifies a single user via email that a file has been uploaded for them. Please package (zip) multiple files into a single file before uploading.
  • MyFi is for short term temporary storage only, files are deleted after only a few days.
  • MyFi is constantly monitored for unauthorized use. Unauthorized users will be dealt with in any way we deem necessary.

What MyFi IS NOT:

  • MyFi IS NOT meant for anyone not authorized to use this service. If you are not sure you are authorized, do not use this service.
  • MyFi IS NOT long term storage. Files last only a few days and are deleted.
  • MyFi IS NOT intended for sharing copyrighted materials. Doing so is a violation of the law, and the proper authorities will be notified.