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Participating School Districts
1 Addison Central School District
William Howe, Director of Curriculum and Instruction,
(607) 359-2090, whowe@addisoncsd.org
2 Alfred-Almond Central School District
Richard Calkins, Superintendent,
(607) 276-6555, rcalkins@aacsapps.com
Susan Bain-Lucey, 7-12 Principal
Bob Woughter, Elementary Principal
3 Arkport Central School District
Jesse Harper, Superintendent,
(607) 295-7471, jesse_harper@stev.net
4 Avoca Central School District
Steve Saxton, Superintendent of Schools,
(607) 566-2221, ssaxton@avocacsd.org
5 Bath Central School District
Michael Seibert, Principal,
(607) 776-3301, MSeibert@bathcsd.org
6 Bradford Central School District
Katheryn Ellison, Director of Curriculum,
(607) 583-4616 x1246, kellison@bradfordcsd.org
7 Campbell-Savona Central School District
Kelley Meade, Principal,
(607) 527-9800 x1451, kmeade@cscsd.org
James Anderson, Principal,
(607) 537-9800 ext. 3170, janderson@cscsd.org
8 Canaseraga Central School District
Chad Groff, Superintendent of Schools,
(607) 545-6421 x100, cgroff@ccsdny.org
9 Canisteo-Greenwood Central School District
Jeremy Palotti, Superintendent of Schools,
(607) 698-4225, jpalotti@cgcsd.org
10 Corning-Painted Post Area School District
Kerry Hochreiter, Director of Elementary Education,
(607) 936-3704 x1004, khochreiter@cppmail.com
Michelle Caulfield, Director of Secondary Education
(607) 936-3704 ext. 1004, mcaulfield@cppmail.com
11 Dundee Central School District
Kelly Houck, Superintendent of Schools
(607) 243-5533, khouck@dundeecs.org
12 Elmira City School District
Hillary Austin, Superintendent of Schools,
(607) 735-3010, haustin@elmiracityschools.com
Dr. Sandra J. Mattison, Supervisor of School Improvement and Accountability
(607) 735-3574, smattison@elmiracityschools.com
Marnie O. Malone, Supervisor of School Improvement and Accountability
(607) 735-3575, mmalone@elmiracityschools.com
13 Elmira Heights Central School District
Mary Beth Fiore, Superintendent of Schools,
(607) 734-7114, mbfiore@gstboces.org
14 Fillmore Central School District
Ravo Root, Superintendent of Schools
15 GST BOCES Special Education
Stacy Saglibene, Director of Special Education
16 Hammondsport Central School District
Tad Rounds, High School Principal
(607) 569-5200, trounds@hport.wnyric.org
17 Hornell City School District
Doug Wyant, Superintendent of Schools
(607) 324-130,2 Doug.wyant@hornellcsd.org
18 Horseheads Central School District
Anthony Gill, Assistant Superintendent,
(607) 739-5601, agill@horseheadsdistrict.com
19 Notre Dame High School, Elmira
Jennifer Roberts-O'Brian, Director of Admissions/Curriculum Coordinator
(607) 734-2267, obrianj@notredamehighschool.com
20 Odessa-Montour Central School District
Christopher Wood, Superintendent of Schools,
(607) 594-3341, chwood@gstboces.org
21 Spencer-Van Etten Central School District
Joe Morgan, Superintendent of Schools
(607) 589-7100, jmorgan@svecsd.org
22 Watkins Glen Central School District
Kristine Somerville, Director of Instruction/Student Services/Grants,
(607) 535-3254, ksomerville@wgcsd.org
23 Waverly Central School District
Randy Richards, Superintendent of Schools,
(607) 565-2841, rrichards@gstboces.org
24 Jefferson-Lewis BOCES
Lisa O. Winkler, Fort Drum RISE Grant Coordinator and FOSS Instructional Coach,
(315) 767-9896, winklerscience@gmail.com
Program Information
The innovative STEM service delivers ongoing regional training that will increase teachers' content knowledge, capacity to integrate subject areas and address the ELA/Math Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, as well as engage students through inquiry-based instruction.

The dedicated GST BOCES STEM Curriculum Mentors provide job embedded classroom support that encompasses everything from leading an activity to materials management. They also facilitate the development of regional cohort groups and Virtual PLC's for sharing best practices and resources in an online database.
Download the Program Information documents here:
Strategic Plan Download Strategic Plan
Scope/Sequence (updated) Get Grades K-4 > Get Grades 5-8 >
Alignment Documents (updated) Get Grades K-4 > Get Grades 5-8 >
Curriculum Documents Get Grades K-4 > Grades 5-8 >
Common Core Standards Visit EngageNY Web Site >
New York State Science Learning Standards Download the PDF >
Preschool Fairytale Curriculum (new)  Download >
Stem Challenges

GST BOCES STEM Challenges are monthly opportunities to incorporate additional STEM related topics in your classroom. They can be done as a class, in small groups, or individually, as well as in school or at home. We encourage teachers to make that decision based on what works best for his/her students. The STEM Challenges are directed towards all grade levels, encouraging students to apply what they know and investigate to answer the questions they may have.

Each STEM Challenge includes a PDF handout that incorporates the Challenge specifics, including submission details and deadlines. Any questions about STEM Challenges can be directed to our email, stem@gstboces.org.

The STEM Challenge for December/January 2019
The STEM Challenge for November 2018
The STEM Challenge for October 2018
The STEM Challenge for Summer 2018
The STEM Challenge for May 2018

STEM Rocket Challenge Winners


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Shauna H.
Mrs. Bills

Jaiden C.
Mrs. Bills

Jayce S.
Jennavive G.
Mrs. Bills

1st Grade

Levi D.

Samantha W.
Mrs. Galvin

Rosalind G.

2nd Grade

Morgan B.
Mr. Wolfe

Johnathan C.
Mr. Wolfe

Maddy B.
Mrs. Covert

3rd Grade

Roland R.
Mrs. Wolf

Elizabeth F.
Mrs. Gibson
Watkins Glen

Ms. Iandoli
Watkins Glen

4th Grade

Garren H.
Mrs. Aepelbacher

Hannah S.
Mrs. Schiefen

Nikita J.
Mrs. Aepelbacher

5th Grade

Ryleigh L.
Mrs. Stock

Alyssa R.
Mrs. Stock

Sadie M.
Mrs. Stock

The STEM Challenge for April 2018
The STEM Challenge for March 2018
The STEM Challenge for January/February 2018
The STEM Challenge for December 2017
The STEM Challenge for November 2017
The STEM Challenge for October 2017
The STEM Challenge for September 2017
The STEM Challenge for Summer 2017
The STEM Challenges for May/June 2017
#1 How Clouds Make Rain
#2 How Liquids Impact a Magnet
The STEM Challenges for April 2017
#1 Dissolving Peeps for Grades Pre-K to 2nd Grade
#2 How Strong is an Eggshell? for 3rd Grade and Up!
The STEM Challenge for March 2017
The STEM Challenge for February 2017
The STEM Challenge for January 2017
The STEM Challenge for December 2016
The STEM Challenge for November 2016
Download Data Form Download Details
The STEM Challenge for October 2016
Teacher Resources
All STEM resources needed for implementation are kept in our Virtual PLC database on Edmodo.
You can download these STEM Articles
Visit the Science/STEM Resource Center
STEM Staff List
GST BOCES STEM Staff Contact Information

Instructional Support Teachers - STEM Mentors

STEM Resource Center

Adventure Based Learning

Welcome to GST STEM Education
The STEM Challenge for December/January 2019
Underwater Robotics Competion Video from WETM-TV
Students from Addison, Bath, Elmira and Waverly school districts are featured in this news story from WETM on January 10, 2018. Click to view the video

View the page on WETM's web site for more details

New Videos of STEM Competitions
The two images above link to two videos displaying teams participating in the Underwater ROV and VEX Robotics competitions. Click the images to view or download the videos.
Our Mission, Vision, Outcomes, and Beliefs

To re-energize, revitalize and refocus attention, interest and understanding of the embedded importance of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to life-long learning and success. To create a regional STEM "pipeline" that results in college, and career ready students that are rich in STEM and 21st century skills.

A continued collaborative effort among regional school districts, colleges, and businesses will be essential in supporting this mission.

Our region will be a model in generating math, science, technology and engineering interest, excitement and marketable skills.

  • - Significant increase in STEM capable high school graduates;
  • - Implementation of STEM programs that reduce achievement gaps and enhance student mastery of Common Core Standards and 21st century learning skills;
  • - Implementation of a STEM support network that leverages regional assets and partnerships to meet a student's personal learning needs and delivers continuously improving teacher effectiveness, proactive leadership, aligned curriculum/instruction/assessment and interlocking community engagement;
  • - Delivery of engaging STEM career and college pathways which include additional certifications for high school graduates.

  • - A continuum of engaging STEM career and college pathways and additional certifications for high school graduates are necessary to create greater relevance/meaning and marketable skills for students earning high school diplomas;
  • - Improving K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math instruction through a trans-disciplinary, inquiry and project-based approach to instruction and curriculum development is essential to meeting the STEM mission;
  • - Professional development and job embedded support structures for teachers to be facilitators of the National Core Standards in a real world and virtual online environment is necessary;
  • - An extended learning experience for students and teachers through a "Summer of Innovation" third semester of study is critical in meeting the STEM Project Team's mission, vision and expected outcomes.

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