@GST BOCES Bush Education Center

459 Philo Road, Elmira
Please note: There is no charge for courses at the Bush Education Center.

Animal Science (Grades 7-10)


The Animal Science Summer Academy will give students hands-on animal care and handling experience. Each day will include care for animals including alpacas, a donkey, chickens, dogs, rabbits and various small mammals and reptiles. Students will clean enclosures, prepare daily diets, provide enrichment activities and learn how to groom and monitor the health of animals. Throughout the week, students will participate in lab activities and practice positive, reward-based training techniques.

Auto Body: Intro to Custom Paint and Graphics (Grades 7-10)

Have you ever seen a custom paint job on a car, truck, motorcycle or bicycle and wondered how to do it? In this five-day camp you will learn custom paint basics such as airbrushing, hydro graphics and hand pinstriping. You will learn how to design custom stencils and vinyl graphics on a computer and then utilize a vinyl plotter to cut them out. Then you'll have the opportunity to build, paint and customize a model car along with other projects and specialty paint techniques including flames, wood grain, carbon fiber, diamond plate and brushed aluminum.

Auto Technology: Pit Crew Challenge (Grades 7-10)

If you're an auto racing fan, this class is for you. You'll begin the week by creating a team with your classmates and participating in a pit row competition. You'll learn to operate a lift, operate tire machines, identify fluids, check and adjust air pressure and build a V/C Racer.

Conservation: The Outdoor Classroom (Grades 7-10)

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If you're the outdoorsy, active type, this academy is for you! Throughout the week, you'll spend time in the great outdoors hiking, exploring and learning to identify animals, insects, trees, plants and soils. We will look at pond life and how that impacts nature. You'll construct wildlife projects to take home, as well as enjoy time fishing in one of our many ponds

Cosmetology: Cosmolicious 101 (Grades 7-10)


Do you enjoy making people feel better about themselves? Come to the GST BOCES Cosmetology Summer Academy at the Bush Campus. Each student will learn the importance of hygiene and sanitation, braiding, manicuring, pedicuring and plain facials. Summer of innovation students will get to work one-on-one with senior students from the Cosmetology program.

Criminal Justice: Police, Fire and 911 Dispatcher Academy (Grades 7-10)

Want to experience a day in the life of a police officer, firefighter or 911 dispatcher? Students will learn some of the critical thinking and hands-on skills required to succeed in the criminal justice career field. They will learn how to use a portable radio, answer mock emergency calls for service, conduct vehicle approaches, search for missing people, direct traffic, help out at a mock car accident, calm people down, and practice how use a fire extinguisher. They will work together as a team to respond to a mock emergency call and solve the problems they encounter. They also will take a field trip to a local police department and participate in a career panel of actual police/fire/EMS/private security/911 dispatchers.

Criminal Justice: Crime Scene Investigation (Grades 7-10)

Are you ready to solve a mystery? This one-week academy starts with an escape room-style challenge to introduce students to deductive reasoning, basic CSI skills such as fingerprinting and teamwork. On Day 2 we will stage a mock crime scene and students will have the rest of the week to solve the case. They will interview the witnesses, collect and analyze the evidence, dust for fingerprints, cast the footprints, learn about hair and fiber analysis and ballistics, reconstruct the timeline of events, search the suspects' cars and offices, and (hopefully) make the right arrest!

Woodworking/Mass Production: From Forest to Factory (Grades 7-10)

If you like working with wood, this course is for you! You'll learn how lumber is processed from forest to stock as well as how to plan, layout, measure, cut, assemble and finish your own woodworking project. In addition, you'll learn how to safely and properly handle all sorts of power equipment. The week will close with a field trip to a local sawmill.

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@GST BOCES Coopers Education Center

9579 Vocational Drive, Painted Post
Please note: There is no charge for courses at the Coopers Education Center.

Auto Body: Intro to Automotive Collision & Refinishing Technology (Grades 7-10)

The collision repair industry is evolving at a rate faster than ever before. The technological advancements have changed the way we view the industry. This change is paving the way for the next generation of technicians to be able to work on the rolling computers that we are driving today. The collision repair industry is projected to surpass $150 billion by the year 2022. Get a jump start on your career by learning some of the basics of collision repair. In this five-day camp you will learn dent repair, MIG/MAG welding, plastic repair and refinishing.

Auto Technology: Let's Go Racing (Grades 7-10)

Our campers will experience a number of competitive events, including a pit road challenge. Students will learn about auto lifts and how to rotate tires. During a timed event, students will use air tools and learn to properly install and torque wheels. Students also will learn about tire machines and will compete against their peers for the fastest times. We will be building valve cover racers that students will race for the fastest time. Finally, we will visit Woodhull raceway, where we will get to check out the track and look at actual race cars. This will be the only day that campers will be served lunch.

Digital Media Arts: Creative Ventures (Grades 7-10)

If you love art, this class is for you! You'll practice computer graphics (Adobe Photoshop), photography, video and vinyl graphics. You will create photo composites such as a "Hybrid/New Animal" using two different images, a vinyl transfer for a T-shirt and a photo cup. You also will put yourself into another world using a green screen effect. Please bring a brown-bag lunch each day.

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@GST BOCES Wildwood Education Center

1126 Bald Hill Road, Hornell
Please note: There is no charge for courses at the Wildwood Education Center.

Criminal Justice: CSI (Grades 7-10)

Participants of this academy will learn what it's really like to investigate a crime scene through hands-on activities, role playing and a presentation by a a police investigator. Because photography can be a vital part of the criminal trial process, students also will learn the correct procedure and process of crime scene photography. We'll also learn about bloodstain splatter, DNA and how to make a plaster mold and dust for fingerprints.

Culinary Arts: Cupcakes! (Grades 7-10)

Students will learn basic cooking skills while they make all kinds of cupcakes. Then, they'll learn some basic cake decorating skills, including how to make buttercream frosting, frost a cupcake, use basic cake decorating tools and work with fondant. They'll make animals, Minions and cheeseburgers out of cupcakes, then try creating their own design.

Culinary Arts: Fun with Sauces - White Sauce (Grades 7-10)

You won't believe how many dishes you can cook when you know how to make a white sauce. First, you learn to make the sauce, then you learn how to use it to make macaroni and cheese, white garlic pizza, cheddar and broccoli soup and pasta Alfredo. Yum!

Culinary Arts: Making Lots of Dough (Grades 7-10)

If you can't resist freshly baked bread, why not learn to make your own? We'll make and eat several types of bread and learn the basics of baking, kitchen safety and sanitation in the process.

Digital Media Arts: Intro to Basic 2-D and 3-D Design (Grades 7-10)

Students will spend the first two days learning the basics of vector design for print in Adobe Illustrator. The students will complete a sticker design project and print stickers to take home. They also will design and print their own custom T-shirt. The last three days of the academy will be dedicated to an intro to 3-D design in Autodesk Maya. Students will design and print a basic 3-D object using the MakerBot 3-D printer.

Cisco Networking Academy

Day One: Identify basic Personal Computer (PC) Components and attach MotherBoard, Ram, HardDrive, Power supply, CD/DVD Drive, etc.
Day Two: PC Tear Down & PC Component Identification
Day Three: Introduce Networking Cables; Make Networking Cable
Day Four: Go Over New PC Parts; Have Students Build Virtual PC; Begin PC Build
Day Five: Complete PC Build & do Multi Monitor Set-Up, if time allows.

To register for courses on any of the GST BOCES campuses, register online at http://apps.gstboces.org/registration/soi.

For questions or comments, contact:
Tammy Clark <tamclark@gstboces.org>
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