@Notre Dame High School

1400 Maple Avenue, Elmira

All academies at Notre Dame are $100 per child, per academy unless otherwise stated. Registration fees are non-refundable and must be paid at the time of registration. Please note: "Grade" is the grade level that the student will be entering in the fall of 2019.

For more information or to register, go to: http://www.notredamehighschool.com and click on Summer Camps under "Quick Links".

Students who sign up for a morning and afternoon session during the same week are invited to pack a brown-bag lunch and may eat in the cafeteria in between sessions.

Youth Theatre Workshop (Grades 4-7)

Students will go behind the scenes and explore all of the aspects that go into a theatre production, including acting, directing, costume design, lighting, set design and construction, sound and more. This week-long workshop will conclude with a performance for friends and family to attend.
Cost: $100

Exploratory Band Extravaganza (Grades 4-7)

Explore the physics, acoustics and sounds of band instruments. Students get to learn about and play all of the standard band instruments, culminating in a recital for friends and family to attend. No experience on an instrument is required. This is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in joining band or exploring a new instrument.
Cost: $100

Color Your World (Grades 5-8)

Join us for this colorful week-long art expedition. Students will explore the world of painting with experiments in watercolor, acrylic and fabric painting. Artists will learn about color theory and create artwork using a variety of methods, mediums and techniques unique to painting. The students will prepare for and end the week with an exhibition of their masterpieces for family and friends to enjoy.
Cost: $100

The Art of Photography (Grades 5-8)

Come have fun exploring your creative potential with a camera. Students will learn the basics of photography including lighting, framing and composition. We will discuss and work in various photography genres, including but not limited to landscape, portraits and abstraction. Additionally, students will experiment with additional art materials to create mixed media pieces. No prior photography knowledge required. The week will culminate in an exhibition on Friday to show off student work.
Cost: $100

Sweet Feet (Grades 6-9)

Each day will feature a field trip to a great hiking destination in the Finger Lakes region, coupled with a snack stop afterwards for ice cream at area sweet shops. Campers will be bused from Notre Dame by avid hiking enthusiast and NYS certified bus driver Mrs. Jessica Ryan, along with ND Art Teacher Mrs. Sue LaVelle, who will guide campers along the hiking paths to capture nature and landscape photos. Participants also will learn some cool geology as they hike through gorges and waterfalls. At the end of the week, each camper will have a collection of stunning photographs, plenty of ice cream and a hiking high. Campers should bring daily a small day-pack or back-pack to carry a packed lunch, sunscreen and bug spray, water bottle and a camera (or cell phone camera). Campers must wear sensible hiking footwear such as hiking boots or sturdy shoes/sneakers (no flip flops or Crocs). Camp space is limited to 12 students.
Cost: $200

Strum & Drum Extravaganza! (Grades 3-6)

Explore the science and sounds behind instruments such as the ukulele, guitar and multiple drums. No prior experience with note reading or rhythmic counting required. Students will learn the basics of performing on each of these instruments. The students will prepare through out the week for a grand finale performance for family and friends to attend.
Cost: $100

Rock Band Camp (Grades 4-7)

Experience on an instrument preferred but not required. In this week long workshop, collaborate with your peers and form your own rock band. We will review the basics of common "rock" instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, piano and voice, and learn covers of standard rock songs. Rock out for your family and friends at the end of the week.
Cost: $100

What's Cooking? (Grades 6-12)

Students will be working cooperatively to produce five days of complete meals on different themes such as Italian Day or Breakfast Day. Emphasis will be placed on proper measurement, timing and following detailed instructions to produce tasty meals meant to be shared. If you are a veteran of this camp, never fear, all the meals prepared will be new. On our last day, the junior chefs will be asked to bring in one of their favorite recipesto share, create and enjoy with invited guests as a finale.
Cost: $100

La Cocina Hispana! (Grades 6-12)

Students will take a culinary tour of five Spanish-speaking countries, utilizing cooking skills and techniques in measurement, timing and taste. The students will work collaboratively to recreate cultural delicacies and expand their familiarity with cooking, baking and creating meals. The week will culminate in a tasting event for parents and guardians.
Cost: $100

Special Effects Makeup Camp (Grades 4-8)

Students will spend their week learning what goes on behind the scenes to create a cast of characters in a show. Students will learn basic special effect makeup techniques to help them become a monster or anything they desire. Each day will be spent focusing on a different genre. Some of the topics covered during the week will include monster and zombie makeup, paint for illusion and fake blood.
Cost: $100

For more information visit Notre Dame's website http://www.notredamehighschool.com.