@Notre Dame High School

1400 Maple Avenue, Elmira

All academies at Notre Dame are $100 per child, per academy. Registration fees are non-refundable and must be paid at the time of registration. Please note: "Grade" is the grade-level that the student will be entering in the fall of 2018. For more information or to register, go to: http://www.notredamehighschool.com and click on Summer Camps under "Quick Links". Students who sign up for a morning and afternoon session during the same week are invited to pack a brown-bag lunch and may eat in the cafeteria in between sessions.

STEM Magic (Grades 4-6)

Students will have the opportunity to live the life of a mad scientist for the week. Students will perform a number of experiments while learning the basic chemical principles and concepts behind each reaction. Dazzle your family members as you take home the "recipes" for each day's reactions.
Fee: $100

Codes & Secret Messages (Grades 4-6)

Learn how to communicate and decipher many different types of codes and secret messages. Learn about thousands of years of code making and code breaking and see how it has changed the course of history. Stump your friends as you create your own ciphers and try to break theirs. Put your skills to the test as you work to solve a coded scavenger hunt.
Fee: $100

Summer Studio in Art (Grades 5-8)

Experience art like an artist does. Draw from still life set ups, sketch figures of live models, paint landscapes in the open air, and sculpt a self-portrait out of clay. End the week with an exhibition of your masterpieces.
Fee: $100

Click It Up a Notch (Grades 5-8)

Come have fun exploring your creative potential with a camera! Through discussion and hands on practice, students will learn the fundamentals of photography, composition and light. Students will be given daily assignments and will be encouraged to voice opinions on each others’ work and learn how to offer an effective critique. No prior photography knowledge required. The week will end with an exhibit of student photos.
Fee: $100

What's Cooking? (Grades 6-12)

Young chefs will have the opportunity to learn how to plan and create a wide range of meals that can be prepared for a crowd of family or friends. Each day, we will focus on a different theme, such as pizza party, brunch favorites or picnic lunch, during which campers can hone their skills learning recipes, techniques and tricks that are meant to bring home to share. The students will work in a professional kitchen with the tools of the trade, measuring, timing different components of the meals and working together to plan and produce an entire meal each day. After enjoying our creations, we will work to put together a meal plan and a grocery list for the next day. Emphasis will be placed on a healthy balance of food, as well as preparations for those with allergies, vegetarians and vegans will be discussed. On our last day, the junior chefs will be asked to bring in one of their favorite recipes to share, create and enjoy with invited guests as a finale.
Fee: $100

La Cocina Hispana! (Grades 6-12)

Students will utilize project-based learning skills to create meals from five different Spanish-speaking countries. Activities will be hands-on and cooperative using recipes, tools and cooking methods to produce complete meals. Participants will have to work together to complete tasks, navigating measurement, timing and proper handling of food to produce several courses of an authentic meal. The week will culminate in a tasting event for parents and guardians.
Fee: $100

Application forms and staff bios are available on Notre Dame's website http://www.notredamehighschool.com. All camps are $100 per student.