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- School Island
Note: Lots of practice Regents questions for you to use. It uses the same username and password as the homeworks.

- Earthweek
Note: BONUS POINTS FOR TESTS. Check bonus blog for assignment.

- Regents Exams
Note: Past Regents exams, answer keys etc. Great for studying for the final.

- Interactive Regents Exams
Note: Check your answers immediately for some of the more recent exams.

- Interactive Questions
Note: Small groups of practice questions (10, 25 or 50) with explanations.

- Regents Prep
Note: This site has practice questions for each unit.

- Jeopardy and Millionaire
Note: Jeopardy or Millionaire game for each unit.

- Review Games
Note: Various science review games. Not necessarily NY questions

- Rock ID Quiz
Note: Rock Identification Quiz online

- Glenco Earth Science
Note: Textbook Website: This has study information, enrichment and links.

- Barrons Review
Note: $16.95 Online review questions. I have all the same practice questions that can be signed out but not in this neat online format. I wouldn't suggest buying this unless you would work much better online than off of paper.

Expand or Collapse Earth Science Links Folder Earth Science Links
- Earthweek
Note: BONUS POINTS. Check Bonus Blog for directions.

- Earth Science World
Note: Images and links American Geophysical Institute

- Geology and Earth Science
Note: Links for Geology

- USGS Learning Web
Note: Lots of cool earth stuff

- Mt. St. Helens Volcano Cam
Note: Cam is pointed at the volcano 24/7

- Volcano World
Note: All things volcao

- Cascade Range (Mt. St. Helens)
Note: Updates on Mt. St. Helens activity and the other volcanos of the Cascade Range

- Virtual Earthquake
Note: Practice locating an epicenter.

- Recent Earthquakes
Note: Today's earthquakes

- Great Zooms
Note: Cool animations, zooming into or out of different places.

Expand or Collapse Warsaw and New York State Folder Warsaw and New York State
- Oatka Creek Data
Note: USGS Stream Guage Information Oatka Creek, Warsaw NY Permission from USGS

- Aerial Photo of Warsaw
Note: April 1994 Photo Permission from Microsoft

- Topographic Map
Note: Permission from Microsoft

- NYS Geologic Survey
Note: New York's geology service

- WCS Solar Collector
Note: Data from solar collector on the tech room's roof.

- Environmental Scorecard
Note: See how Wyoming County stacks up against the rest of NY and the US.

- School Closings Ch.4

- School Closing Ch.13

Expand or Collapse Space Folder Space
- Astronomy Picture of the Day
Note: Part of the Nasa Web site

Note: For everything cool or spacey

- Sky Guide
Note: Astronomy Today's sky guide. What's up!

- Galaxy Song - Monty Python
Note: Comedy genius singing science.

- Planet Comparisons

- Planet, Moon and Star Data US Navy
Note: Lots of cool stuff on moon phases, stars, sun, etc. You can even find out astronomical data for any day, like your birthday.

- Moon Phase Calendar

- Sky Almanac
Note: Another Guide to the Stars

Expand or Collapse Weather Folder Weather
- Warsaw Weather Station - Weather Bug
Note: Station is located on the east end of the Warsaw Elementary Building. It was purchased by Channel 4 as one of the original 12 stations.

- Channel 4 Weather
Note: My May's favorite local weather forecast.

- Weather Channel
Note: The weather channel. A must for weather-nerds.

- unisys weather
Note: Lots of imagery and forecast models for serious weather people. This is what the meteorologists use to make their predictions.

- Hurricaneville
Note: Lots of info about hurricanes.

- National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Note: US Government's Weather Stuff

Note: How rich can Al Gore get from selling Global Warming to the media. For serious debunkers.

Expand or Collapse Soccer Folder Soccer
- Boys Section V
Note: Section V standings, rosters records and much more.

- Girls Section V

- US Soccer
Note: All things US Soccer

- World Cup
Note: Go USA!! 2006 World Cup

Expand or Collapse My Bookmarks Folder My Bookmarks
- Kodak's BirdCam
Note: Peregrine falcon nest

- University of Buffalo
Note: Mr. May's alma mater. BA Geological Sciences; MEd Science Education

- UB Geology Department
Note: Where I spent many long but rewarding hours.

- Charlotte High School
Note: Mr. May's alma mater; Rochester City School District.

- Abelard Reynolds #42 School
Note: K-4 for the old guy

- Teddy Roosevelt #43 School
Note: Go Roughriders! Grades 5-6

- Moose Tracks
Note: Mr. May's favorite ice cream

- Scooby Doo
Note: Mr. May's favorite cartoon.

- Orioles
Note: Here's a start! Contact Mr. May if you'd like to start a 12 step program to quit rooting for the Yankees.

- Go Sabres
Note: This site is scary good!

- Buffalo Bills
Note: Wanna shout?

- Rhinos

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