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- Graphic Garden (not a CPP site)
Note: Click GRAPHICS --> LINKWARE THEMES/SETS to view her clipart sets. She asks that you use her images for noncommercial purposes and that you cite your source.

- Cute Colors
Note: Click FREE CLIPART on the right side of the screen --> click FREE CLIPART in the navigation pane on the left side of the screen to view her collections. She asks that you use her images for noncommercial purposes and that you cite your source.

- School Icons Web Graphics
Note: Nice free web graphics for noncommercial purposes. Please cite your source when using these graphics.

- Google: Images
Note: Looking for a specific type of image for a worksheet or a web site? Type in your search into Google Images. Please remember to cite your sources.

Expand or Collapse Language Arts Folder Language Arts
- BrainPOP - Language Arts Movies
Note: There are short cartoon films that help explain language arts concepts.

- Guide to Grammar & Writing
Note: Great information about grammar and writing topics

- Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators: Literature & Language Arts
Note: Resources for literature and language arts teachers

- Reading in the Content Areas
Note: Links to resources about teaching reading in the content areas and templates to use with students

- Reading Resource Site
Note: Provides resources for helping students improve reading skills

- Yahooligans! School Bell: Language Arts
Note: Many links to kid-friendly resources about language arts

Expand or Collapse Math  Folder Math
- Math.com
Note: help with math - decimals, fractions, etc.......

- BrainPOP-math movies
Note: Short math cartoons explaining a variety of math concepts

- Making Math Memorable
Note: Web resource with links to great math sites for elementary students

- Mathematics Resources
Note: Math online resources for students K-12

Expand or Collapse Science Folder Science
- BrainPOP
Note: Short films on science, technology and health

- Astronomy for Kids
Note: This site tells about each planet

- Yahooligans Science
Note: Links to many kid-friendly science topics

- HHMI: Cool Science for Curious Kids
Note: "The Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites curious kids to explore biology... on screen, off screen, and in between."

- National Geographic for Kids
Note: Fun science info for kids

- NOVA/PBS: Science Programming On Air & Online
Note: Information about television programs and online activities for students

Expand or Collapse Social Studies Folder Social Studies
- CultureGrams
Note: Excellent web source for information about countries and states for elementary and middle school students.

- KidsHub.org
Note: social studies links for kids

- BrainPOP
Note: Click the Social Studies link to view animated video clips about Social Studies concepts.

- PBS: Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker
Note: Site with animations and information about Plate Tectonics

- Best of History Websites
Note: Great sites for secondary history teachers

Expand or Collapse Teacher Sites Folder Teacher Sites
- ABC Teach
Note: Great site for printables and other resources for elementary teachers

- Discovery.com
Note: Great links to learning for students and teachers

- Rubistar
Note: Rubric Generator - sign up for a free account or, if you don't want to save your rubrics in their database, just use the generator to create your rubric and copy/paste it into a Word document. If you save the Word document, you can use your rubrics over and over.

- Teach-Nology: Word Search Generator
Note: Type in a title and list of words to include in your word search, then click MAKE WORD SEARCH. Quick and easy!

- DiscoverySchool's Puzzle Maker
Note: Create a variety of puzzles online

Expand or Collapse Art Web Sites Folder Art Web Sites
- SCT BOCES Arts in Education

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