List of Bookmark Folders
Expand or Collapse Reading Folder Reading
- Starfall
Note: Books and activities to practice reading skills.

- PBS Kids
Note: Activites for all ages to go along with the childrens programing.

- Enchanted Learning
Note: Many activites and coloring sheets on many different subjects.

- Primary Games
Note: Games and activities for reading and fun.

- Between the Lions
Note: Fun reading practice activities and games

- Goo Games
Note: Reading and listening games for a variety of levels.

- Tumble Books
Note: Books to watch and listen to on the computer. Access through the Pavilion Public Library site.

- Scholastic readers
Note: Non-fiction readers.

- Storyplace
Note: Short stories by theme to listen to and some activities to do with a grownup.

- Stories online
Note: Listen to stories online.

- Storytime Online
Note: Barnes and Noble site that has 16 books read by the authors.

- ABC ya
Note: Games for beginning alphabet skills.

- Get Ready to Read
Note: Information and games for teachers and parents to help develop reading skills.

Expand or Collapse Math Folder Math
- Funbrain
Note: Games to practice math facts. A login is required after the 1st visit.

- Room 108 math games
Note: Games and activities to practice math skills.

- Coolmath for kids
Note: This site has games and activities for practicing math skills.

- Math Facts
Note: You can make your own math fact practice sheets.

- Primary Games
Note: This site has games to practice math skills.

- A+ Math
Note: You can make flashcards and play games to practice math skills.

- ABCya
Note: Reading and Math games for various levels.

- Fun 4 the Brain
Note: Games to practice math skills.

- Math is Fun
Note: Games for practicing math skills at various levels.

- Hoodamath
Note: Various thinking games to play.

- Math Magician
Note: Timed fact practice.

- Soft Schools math games
Note: Games to practice math and other skills.

- BBC Math
Note: Math games for kids 4-7.

- Softschool
Note: Math games to practice many skills.

- Math academics
Note: Math practice games

Expand or Collapse Pracitce Sites Folder Pracitce Sites
- Room 108
Note: This is the home page for Room 108. It has all subject areas iwth games and activities.

- Spelling City
Note: Lots of activities for practicing spelling skills.

Expand or Collapse Parents and Families Folder Parents and Families
- scholastic
Note: Site with information for parents, teachers and kids. about reading and books.

- Very Best Kids
Note: Activities and crafts to do with your child.

- Family Fun
Note: Crafts, activities and recipes to do with your child.

- Handwriting
Note: This site will let you develop your own handwriting practice sheets. We use D"Nealian or Modern script.

- Kids Health
Note: Information on healthy nutrition for children.

Note: Lots of great ideas to do at home to practice in all areas. You can look by grade and subject.

- Start With A Book
Note: Ideas and suggestions for reading together with your child.

- National Center for Learning Disabilities
Note: Good information for parents of children who are having difficulties in the school setting.

- Transitioning to Kindergarten
Note: Information about skills and books to read for kindergarten readiness

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