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04/29/13 Message From: Ziggy
You got to push it-this esesnital info that is!

11/20/09 Message From: EM
Yo! The star is here! Right Mr. L? How's your class this year? I know Liv is awesome. I'm better than Anthony aren't i? Just looking through the messageS! DUDE THESE ARE OOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDD soooo........yeah i was here hop your site is high on the top 50. L8r G8rs

06/02/09 Message From: Mr. L.
Hi Anthony, You are one of the great ones!

05/27/09 Message From: Anthony Fiorito
I remember when we started this club like 3 years ago. i still break out my uke every once in a while. I was one of the best players mr.L ever had. those were some good times.

05/27/09 Message From: shena
ok how r u doing is your son in school

05/26/09 Message From: SIMSY
heyyyyy....I was here

05/26/09 Message From: MEGAN!!!!!!!!!! <333333333 =D
heyyyyyyyyyy lol im bored and i was here and idk well i was here!!!

05/21/09 Message From: shena
yes batavia

05/21/09 Message From: Mr. L.
Hi Shena, I put your address on the board to people to copy at school.

05/13/09 Message From: claudia and abby

05/13/09 Message From: claudia and abby

05/08/09 Message From: Mr. L
Got your email Batavia? Right?

05/06/09 Message From: shena
did u get the e-mail mr.l

05/05/09 Message From: Mr. L.
Shena, Put in kleonard2@cal-mum.org for the email

05/05/09 Message From: SHENA
MR.L i sant the e-mail tell me if u got it. OKAY

05/05/09 Message From: shena
mr.l u have to start geting on around 4,5 o-clock if u can

05/04/09 Message From: shena
change of plans my grandma is going to buffalo so i can't go to her house. she has to go to a funiroll.did u tell every 1 i said hi and i miss them.

05/04/09 Message From: SHENA
i tried to only put my name and address but it won't let me with out a e mail address

05/04/09 Message From: SHENA
i tried to only put my name and address but it won't let me with out a e mail address

05/03/09 Message From: Mr. L
Shena you can just type your fist name. Alyssa would like to get her sneakers back if you could bring them to your Grandma's.

05/02/09 Message From: SHENA
i will tell as soon as i find out lol

05/02/09 Message From: shena
so how is the class.i will be coming to cal mum to vist my grandma next saturday

05/02/09 Message From: shena

05/02/09 Message From: ShEnA cAsSiDy
on e mail what do i type in under name

05/01/09 Message From: shena
hi Mr.L how is the class i miss u guys thanks for the uke tell everyone i said hi miss u all shena

05/01/09 Message From: shena
mr.l i seen my favorite cousin on sunday.aiso tell Bri morgan and alyssa i said hi ps.i realy realy realy miss u guys love shena

05/01/09 Message From: shena
mr.l tell mrs.kareney ryan said hi and hi misses her alot love ryan and shena

05/01/09 Message From: SHENA

05/01/09 Message From: Mr. L.
Hi Shena and Ryan! Let us know what your address is by sending me an email. We can send you letters. Miss you!

04/16/09 Message From: Mr. L.
Brett and Nick thanks for the nice posts. Mrs. Meyer has a great idea for an end of the year uke contest. We will talk about it on Monday. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

04/14/09 Message From: Mrs. Meyer
Hello Cal-Mum ukers! I see that you have your message board back up. My 6th graders are about to start on a very cool end of the year project- more later! :)

04/13/09 Message From: Sims
Ukulele club is awsome!!!!

04/12/09 Message From: brett
hi MR leonard i love ukulele so much my aunt barbara is a big fan of it

03/25/09 Message From: Brandon
whats up homie g!!!!!!!!

03/24/09 Message From: Brandon Durgin
Mr.Leonard, I was wondering if you can also teach me how to play wanted dead or alive or if you cuold print it out at school. I was trying to look for it on the computer earlier today, but I could not find it anywhere. But I'm also not so sure if I'm going to go to ukulele club on Wednsday this week because my sister has been baby-sitting me lately every time I come home from school.So I think that I shuould tell her about ukulele club first!!!!!!!!ps,this is a super long message that I'm sending to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03/24/09 Message From: Mr. L
Remind me tomorrow and we can find it.

03/24/09 Message From: Robbie

03/23/09 Message From: Brandon
Whats up gangstas!!

03/23/09 Message From: Brandon
ok mr.Lenard,we can work on it next time I come to school.

03/23/09 Message From: mariel
hi peops i love uke

03/22/09 Message From: Brandon Durgin

03/22/09 Message From: Brandon Durgin
I want to learn how to play be freinds on the ukulele!!

03/22/09 Message From: Mr. L
Brandon, let's start working on that.

03/20/09 Message From: MOLLY AND OLIVIA AND CASSIE
heyyy people its molly,livi and cassie well its only livi and molly cuz cassie is sleeping cuz its 12:17 in the morning haha so heyy people well i already said that and i like uke club its the best everrrrr

03/14/09 Message From: Anonymous

03/12/09 Message From: Lydia
hey i love ukelele club i like playing all the songs i gtg bye

03/12/09 Message From: lyd
i am going to doodle literally all over my uke in different colors it will look awesome l8tr i love uke club!!!

03/12/09 Message From: perry
hi kids im squeaky yeah remember kids flick it dont stick ithahahahahahahahahahah lolbye bye kids

03/09/09 Message From: perry
hey mr.l i was here and thanks for the painting advice i love ukulele

03/07/09 Message From: claudia haut
hheeeeeeyyyyyyyyy! I was here.lol ttyl

03/07/09 Message From: MOLLY AND MADISONNN
HEYYYYY its molly and madison a.k.a.....THE LEPROCHAUN!!! well i feel like writing alot so i am going to.....so lets start with HIII, haha, and lets end with umm...BYEEE BYEEE.....from: mollyyy Hey, kids! I love ya'll! Keep on hugging the world! I <3 uuuuuuu!8) Frommm....... Leprochaun!

03/06/09 Message From: megan
LOL HI MR LEONARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like here today so...... whatever! BYE!!!!!!!!

03/05/09 Message From: MOLLYYYYYY
haha everyone is posting a comment so i guess i will tooooo! yay! o ya and hiiiii dude's! :) hahahaha BYEEEE

03/05/09 Message From: MOLLY!!!!! :)

03/05/09 Message From: Molly
yooooo, heyy i like posting comments it is funn and cassie is like my best friend everrrr!

03/04/09 Message From: SIMS
I was here AGAIN!!!!!! HA HA

03/04/09 Message From: alyssa
i waz here today?3-4-09

03/04/09 Message From: alyssa

03/04/09 Message From: alyssa

03/04/09 Message From: Bubbles lover
i love bubbles!!!!!!!!!!

03/04/09 Message From: BUBBLES

03/03/09 Message From: olivia
i was here

03/01/09 Message From: Nick Sims
i was here!!! Ha Ha Ha

03/01/09 Message From: SIMS

02/25/09 Message From: Emily
Guess what. i was here! yayayayay! And also, hi.

02/12/09 Message From: chuckie

02/04/09 Message From: chuckie
we are 59 now

01/29/09 Message From: Jessy Garland
now were #58

01/17/09 Message From: Mr L
Brett, use enamal paint like Testors for best results. Clean uke well with glass cleaner to remove oil left by your hands. Practice your design on something to be sure you like it. Best of luck!

01/16/09 Message From: math hater brett
ive been going on alot for like the past week ive been going on so if i want to paint something [not the whole thing ] on my uke do i half to do something special on it or anything ? ps my nickname was pretty clever wasnt it.

01/16/09 Message From: math hater brett
hey brett again i am thinking of making my own song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seeya on tuesday

01/16/09 Message From: SIMS
3 day vacation!!!

01/10/09 Message From: claudia & addy
Hi Mr.Leo we love uke club it rocks. We have been practicing alot!

01/10/09 Message From: Mr. L.
I am soooo glad to hear that. Have a great weekend!

01/10/09 Message From: chuckie
66 people

01/09/09 Message From: Emily m
I have a PC but after i click on download it comes up with a whole page of options and links and i get confused.

01/09/09 Message From: Emily m
Hey Mr. Leo we ARE getting a lot of hits. People Are looking for our podcast. We are #65 now sweet, huh!

01/09/09 Message From: Emily m
Hey Mr. Leo we ARE getting a lot of hits. People Are looking for our podcast. We are #65 now sweet, huh!

01/09/09 Message From: Emily m
Sorry i accedentily posted that twice.

01/09/09 Message From: EMily m
Do i want the Beta Version of Audacity?

01/09/09 Message From: Emily m
NOw we are 64! I am posting a lot today Maybe i should stop... hmmm...

01/09/09 Message From: Mr. L.
The video: A Thanksgiving to be Remembered is up on our classroom home page. The podcast should be up soon as of 6:36. Talked with Mr. S. said he was working on it. Keep pointlessly visiting Emily!!! We could make #64!!

01/09/09 Message From: Mr. L,

01/08/09 Message From: Emily m
I think i want to download Audacity 1.3.6. but I have no clue what to do on the next page after i click Audacity 1.3.6. plz (PLEASE)help.ty!

01/08/09 Message From: Mr. L
you should find the "down load" button. After it down lds you should be able to run it. Do you have Mac or PC?

01/08/09 Message From: Mr. L.
Email if you need help.

01/06/09 Message From: Mr. L.
Plz! TY! I should know what this means?

01/05/09 Message From: Emily m
Hey we are #66 on top uke sites! I suggest pointlessly visiting to get us higher! I hope our podcast will help get us closer to numero uno!By the way Mr.leo is there any way you canChange the way it does that Plz! TY!

12/24/08 Message From: maddy
i thank me ukulele is way out of tune!when me alyssa,sami played clemin tem

12/24/08 Message From: Mr. L.
Maddy, You are the first to post! We will have to see how it will sound when your uke is tuned up. Merry Christmas.

12/23/08 Message From: Mr. L
I think the text at security text has to be capital or lower case just as it is shown if you have problems posting.

12/17/08 Message From: Mr. Leonard
This message board is for all Cal-Mum Uke memebers to post what they are working on. Also, you may post comments about what others are doing with the ukulele. Make sure it is possitive and kind :-)

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