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There are two types of truck drivers: heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers and light or delivery services truck drivers. Their duties and responsibilities are similar with some variations.

Heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers drive vehicles that are a minimum of 26,000 pounds and transport items that are large in size, such as cars and even animals. Their trips often take days to complete. For those who perform long distance trips, the majority of their time is spent behind the wheel and they may be responsible for loading and unloading the truck.

Delivery truck

Light or delivery services truck drivers drive trucks that are less than 26,000 pounds and pick up and drop off packages such UPS or Fed Ex professionals. Their trips are much shorter than the long distance drivers; they are not responsible for loading their trucks; and many of their destinations are near their home base, so staying away from home for long spans of time is unlikely. Some short distances may also have sales and customer service responsibilities. These are typical duties and responsibilities for short- and long-distance truck drivers. Other duties may occur according to the particular assignment. Other types of truck drivers include driver/sales workers and route drivers.

The CDL Class Outline is available for download here.




Construction Equipment Operators perform tasks such as land clearing, excavating, digging basements and foundations, trenching for sewer and water, underground electrical lines, and other underground utilities. Heavy equipment operators are employed by many different industries such as construction, road building, residential and commercial building, public and private utilities, mining, timber, sewer/water, drainage, demolition, agriculture, environmental, landfills, city/county/state road maintenance, snow removal, park maintenance, forest service, etc.. When you stop and look at how many different places you will find heavy equipment, you realize just how important these heavy equipment operators are. And the jobs in this industry are all stable, long-term, well paying jobs that people like doing.


Choose from the following courses:

BSH-9081A-SP22 - 60 hour CDL Program - Class A
BSH-9081B-SP22 - 60 hour CDL Program - Class B
BSH-6281-SU23 - Construction Equipment Operation
BSH-6283-F23 - Construction Equipment Operation with Industry Credentials: Forklift/Flagger/OSHA 10
BSH-9802-SP22 - Flagger Training - Work Zone Flagger Training
BSH-9801-SP22 - Industrial Maintenance
BSH-7006-SP22 - OSHA 10 Construction