Alternative Education

GST BOCES ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION individualized and collaborative learning opportunity that prepares each student for career and/or college.

GST BOCES provides Alternative Education for students in grades 7-12 who have not yet experienced success in a traditional school setting.  Our Middle School and High School Alternative Education classrooms are located at all GST BOCES campuses. Students who attend will be provided with an individualized and positive learning environment that fosters both academic and social emotional growth. 

Who Benefits from Alternative Education?

Alternative Education serves students who:

  • want a second chance at being successful in a school setting.

  • aspire to participate in a CTE program on campus.

  • will benefit from individualized instruction.

  • will take advantage of individualized social and emotional supports.

  • are willing to maintain the attendance policy according to his/her home district.

  • are mature enough to handle the freedom of a campus setting.

  • may need extra hands-on instruction.

Alternative Ed

Alternative Education Enrollment Procedure:

  • District identifies possible student who may be successful and contacts GST BOCES campus contact.

  • Application material is reviewed with admission team.

  • Interview for student with support team members. Interview will be held after all admission paperwork is confirmed to be received by GST BOCES.

  • Home school and parent are notified of student's acceptance within 48 hours of interview.

Qualities of the High School Alternative Education Program:

  • Focus on Credit Recovery

  • Full Group and Individualized Instruction

  • Students often work at own pace

  • Extensive Social Emotional Supports

  • Half Day Academics/Half Day CTE Programming

For additional information regarding GST BOCES Alternative Education or to discuss placement, please contact:

Director of Alternative Education

Stacy Saglibene

(607) 739-3581 ext. 2309  

Principal at Bush Education Center Freedom Academy

Chris Sancomb

(607) 739-3581 ext. 1110

Principal at Coopers Education Center

Devin Davis

(607) 962-3175 ext. 2229

Principal at Wildwood Education Center

Sam Gauss

(607) 324-7880 ext. 3196