New Visions Health Careers Exploration

Bush, Coopers, and Wildwood Campuses.

Contact the Instructor

Chelsea Bailey, RN, BSN
Alyssa Lepkowski
Bush Campus, Bldg. #12
(607) 739-3581, ext. 1409

Tammy Divens, RN
Coopers Campus, Bldg. #16
(607) 962-3175 , ext. 2232

Jamie Doll, RN
Wildwood Campus, Bldg. #3
(607) 324-7880, ext. 3157

New Visions courses are designed for motivated, accelerated, college-bound seniors. Students accepted into this program must be in good academic standing with an excellent attendance record.

This deep immersion program explores the interrelationship between the student's academic subjects and career aspirations in the health field. If you are a motivated student interested in this field, this unique, intensive program allows you to visit every type of local health care facility and learn about practices including M.D., D.O., P.A., veterinary medicine, nursing, psychiatry, lab technician, nutrition, dentistry, occupational and physical therapy, chiropractic medicine and more.