Nurse Assisting

Bush, Coopers and Wildwood campuses.

Contact the Instructors

Shelly Repasky (x1076)
Jodea Sweeney (x1608)
Bush Campus, Bldg. #12
(607) 739-3581

Joyce Matthews, RN (x2263)
Marlene Giamichelle
Kayla Rice (x2252)
Coopers Campus, Bldg. #3
(607) 962-3175

Joann Phillips
Jamie Doll
Wildwood Campus, Bldg. 18
(607) 324-7880, ext. 3142

Nurse Assisting teaches high school students the skills necessary for employment in hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health care, residential care and facilities for the mentally and physically challenged. You will learn the use of medical equipment, medical/surgical techniques, infection control and procedures common to health care. In addition, you'll acquire basic knowledge vital for professional health careers including radiology, physical/occupational therapy, mental health and nursing.