Regional Crisis Team

RCT Arrival Upon Site

  1. Team meets in assigned location with district point person

  2. Assignments are given: what is needed right now?

  3. RCT members are given clear direction on individual task/role

  4. RCT members disperse and work with RCT team leader as needed

  5. RCT team leader is liaison to district point person

  6. At close of day, come together as a team to report additional concerns and debrief using post crisis response form

  7. Personal reflection and self care

Regional Crisis Team Members

Sarah Vakkas, GST BOCES, Deputy Superintendent
Bridget Reagan, GST BOCES, Psychologist
Kathy Morehouse, GST BOCES, Social Worker
Kristie Haberstroh, GST BOCES, Social Worker
Lynn Miles, GST BOCES, School Psychologist
Mary Wallis, GST BOCES, EAP Specialist
Maria Torres, GST BOCES, Counselor
Charlene Robinson, GST BOCES, Social Worker
Stephanie Stephens, GST BOCES, Supervisor, PL
Emily Luckenbach, Avoca, Social Worker
Paula Pimm, Avoca, School Counselor
Jeannie Wheeler, Bath, Social Worker
Lisa Wetherbee, Campbell-Savona, Counselor (7-9)
Lori Rung, Canaseraga, Psychologist
Lisa Daley, Canaseraga/Bath, Social Worker
Linda Kelahan, Elmira, Counselor
Chris Roberts, Horseheads, Psychologist
Colleen Coolican, Odessa-Montour, Counselor (7-12)
Aimee Bristol, Prattsburgh, Counselor (PK-12)
Melissa Snow, Watkins Glen, Psychologist
Lara Rogan, Waverly, Social Worker
Kim Cowburn, Alfred Almond, Social Worker

Community Resources
Mark Recktenwald, Counselor (retired)
Sandy Follette, Southern Tier Grief Counseling
Pat Breux, Director of Suicide Prevention of NY (Retired)