Explore our instructional programs at GST BOCES. Season 1: 2022-23 School Year Episode 3: Criminal Justice We’re #PROUDTOBEGST and you can be too! https://www.gstboces.org/o/gst-boces/page/criminal-justice
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Congratulations to Deb Lynch, GST BOCES Career Development Council Career Specialist, who was awarded a Partners in Education Career Achievement Award by the Chemung County Chamber of Commerce on December 7, 2022. Deb has worked at the CDC for more than 20 years in support of career readiness and career exploration experiences for area students by making connections with local businesses. She served as the coordinator of the Business Careers Day at Elmira College and STEM Day at SUNY Corning Community College this fall. Deb, lead school representative for the Horseheads Central School District, was nominated by Horseheads Superintendent Dr. Tom Douglas.
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Award 1
Award 2
Award 3
November highlights https://youtu.be/KNL8_ktJRy0 #PROUDTOBEGST
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Students in Animal Science spent time in the Building Trades classroom putting the finishing touches on a new Chicken Coop, made by the Building Trades students. We're so excited to be one step closer to having more animals on campus for our new Coopers program. #PROUDTOBEGST
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Animal Science
Explore our instructional programs at GST BOCES. Season 1: 2022-23 School Year Episode 2: Fashion Design, Merchandising and Marketing https://youtu.be/0SXgRgaUcCY #PROUDTOBEGST and you can be too! https://www.gstboces.org/page/fashion-design-merchandising-and-marketing
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Explore our instructional programs at GST BOCES. Season 1: 2022-23 School Year Episode 1: Dental Assisting https://youtu.be/GNrms8tnUAA We’re #PROUDTOBEGST and you can be too! https://www.gstboces.org/o/gst-boces/page/dental-assisting
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Help us highlight the amazing work in our region by submitting your proposals for presentations for our Southern Tier ConnectEd Conference, held on March 20, 2023. Submit your proposal this week. Presenters attend for free. See attachment for more information. #PROUDTOBEGST
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Southern Tier ConnectEd Conference
Are you looking for a job? Check out this opportunity. #PROUDTOBEGST
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Please consider supporting Career Development Council during FLX Gives 2022. Join us in spreading the word and raising donations to help us provide career awareness and exploration experiences to inspire the workforce of tomorrow. When: 6PM Thursday, November 17 to 6PM Friday, November 18 FLXGives is a day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. FLXGives is an initiative of Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes, Inc. FLXGives is our community's biggest day of local giving! For 24-hours, our community comes together with gifts big and small to give back to the nonprofits which are helping to better our local community. Give to Career Development Council | FLXGives Who are we: Career Development Council. Powerful career connections for students are made possible by the phenomenal collaboration between local employers, educators, and community leaders, building future success for our community. Working together, we open the doors to the world of work to youth throughout our region through K-12 career development services for our regional school districts. Please consider supporting Career Development Council through FLXGives 6pm Thursday, November 17th - 6pm Friday, November 18th DONATE Here
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Learn more about GST BOCES Project Search during Welcome Wednesdays. #PROUDTOBEGST
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Project Search
Celebrating School-Related Professionals Day #PROUDTOBEGST
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Thank you
Guest speaker, Dean Chatfield, from BAMPA’s House comfort care home, presented to GST BOCES New Visions students today on their mission and volunteer program. Several of our New Visions students will be volunteering at BAMPA’s House starting in December. #PROUDTOBEGST
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New Visions
GST BOCES is hiring a Work-Based Learning Coordinator for the Bush Campus. Click here for more information or to apply: https://gstboces.recruitfront.com/JobPosting?JID=27888 #PROUDTOBEGST
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GST BOCES and Adult Education are excited to offer business and industry opportunities for leadership and team development with onsite training, as well as programming at our Challenge Course. We will work with you to tailor training to meet your needs and allow individuals the opportunity to engage, connect and collaborate as we explore the fundamentals of team and leadership development. Contact Becky at rbowers@gstboces.org for more information. #PROUDTOBEGST
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Leadership and Team Development
Leadership and Team Development
Thank you to Congressman Sempolinski for taking the opportunity to discover all the great things transpiring at GST BOCES. #PROUDTOBEGST
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Coopers Campus
Join our GST BOCES team today. Teaching assistant opportunities at Hornell: https://gstboces.recruitfront.com/JobPosting.aspx?JID=28487 or Bath: https://gstboces.recruitfront.com/JobPosting.aspx?JID=28488 #PROUDTOBEGST
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GST BOCES Bush Campus students raised money for SkillsUSA at their kick-off party this week. #PROUDTOBEGST
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GST BOCES Adult Education and Career Services announces an upcoming yoga opportunity. #PROUDTOBEGST
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Proud of our community oriented and knowledgeable Wildwood Campus Building Construction program. #PROUDTOBEGST
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Wildwood house