Ms. Jessica's class has been learning all about the solar system for the month of October. The class created their own edible solar systems! #PROUDTOBEGST
22 days ago, GST BOCES ASD Program
Coopers Heavy Equipment students are finishing stripping topsoil to get ready for the new pond going in. #PROUDTOBEGST
23 days ago, Coopers Heavy Equipment
Working together gets more done!
Stockpiling topsoil to put back later
extending to the last corner of the pond
everyone hard at work!
GST BOCES New Visions Human Services & Education Honor Academy students held a technology workshop for residents at Bethany Courtyards. The presentation included tips on how to navigate Apple/Android devices to send emails, use social media, & how to avoid scams. #PROUDTOBEGST
23 days ago, New Visions Human Services & Education:Bush Campus
Coopers Collision Repair & Refinishing students sanding, sealing, applying basecoat, and applying clear-coat on a Dodge Charger front bumper cover. #PROUDTOBEGST #basf #basfrefinish #satabydanam #sata
23 days ago, Coopers SkillsUSA
Coopers Campus Automotive Instructors McDonnell (Collision), Knowlden (Collision), and Kemp (Automotive Technology) spoke with some Horseheads Middle School @HhdsSchools students today about the Automotive industry. Thanks for the invite! #PROUDTOBEGST
24 days ago, Coopers SkillsUSA
Coopers Collision Repair seniors start minor fender and hood repairs on this Maserati/Chrysler TC. Students will do metalwork, fill, sand, prime, paint, polish, & reassemble to bring this vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. #PROUDTOBEGST #TC #Maserati #Chrysler #BOCES
25 days ago, Coopers Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology
Bush Campus New Visions Health students visited the Elmira College Nursing Program! Thank you Elmira College for explaining nursing program opportunities and simulation lab! #PROUDTOBEGST
26 days ago, New Visions Health Bush Campus
GST BOCES Coopers Campus integrated English teacher, Mr. Paggio, brought his dog, Col, to the Animal Science class to talk about Col's current physical therapy routine after his spinal disc injury last winter. Students learned how animal PT is similar to human PT. #PROUDTOBEGST
26 days ago, GST BOCES Marketing & PR
Animal Science
Coopers Heavy equipment working on the campus road going on the hill to fix a sharp turn. Extended the culvert, removed some dead trees, re graded the slope, laid millings down and seeded and mulched the entire area. #PROUDTOBEGST
26 days ago, Coopers Heavy Equipment
fixing a road on the hill.
removing a sharp turn in the road
re grading the bank
some mulch along the new road.
students learning to use the bale mulcher.
thanks to Steuben soil and water for letting the students get some time with the mulcher.
spreading out some clumps in the hay
road is much better, millings laid down and should green up nicely in the spring.
Our Bush Campus Auto Body students performing detailing work for customers!#PROUDTOBEGST
27 days ago, Bush Campus CTE
Bush Campus CTE
Bush Campus CTE
Coopers Heavy Equipment seniors practicing how to layout a square building pad using the 3 4 5 method on the shop floor before going out to dig so.e footers. #PROUDTOBEGST
27 days ago, Coopers Heavy Equipment
students learning how to lay out a square.
students practicing with chaulk lines to lay out a square pad.
Coopers Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology (CRRT) students sanding, priming. and applying bedliner on running boards for a staff member. #PROUDTOBEGST #jeep #raptorliner #basfrefinish #basf #bedliner
27 days ago, Coopers SkillsUSA
Jeep running boards
Welding students breaking down steel that was generously donated to GST BOCES! A huge shout out to Nucor Vulcraft for their continuing donations to our Welding program! Our students are certainly lucky to have such wonderful businesses supporting them! #PROUDTOBEGST
28 days ago, Bush Campus CTE
Bush Campus CTE
Coopers Heavy Equipment juniors learning some basic safety and getting introduced to some of the equipment they will be using over the next 2 years. #PROUDTOBEGST
28 days ago, Coopers Heavy Equipment
Juniors learning basic safety and operation along with some new back up skills
Juniors getting introduced to the excavators
trying their hand at some new skills in the excavator!
Coopers Heavy Equipment students helped to cut up and remove some trees from the new Gymnasium site on campus putting in some manual labor nixed with some equipment operation. #PROUDTOBEGST
29 days ago, Coopers Heavy Equipment
H.E. students putting in so.e manual labor to clean up some trees on the new gymnasium site
Coopers H.E. students helping get some trees cleaned up and moved off the new gymnasium site.
Coopers H.E. students helping on the new gymnasium site
GST BOCES Phoenix Academy honored local Veterans with a parade celebration, including a to-go meal. Read more about this successful event and watch the video linked here: #PROUDTOBEGST
29 days ago, GST BOCES Marketing & PR
Veterans' Celebration
Coopers Heavy Equipment students practicing some new operation techniques on a site they started clearing last year. Some slope work above where the new pond is going and moving some logs off site. Starting the pond next week. #PROUDTOBEGST
29 days ago, Coopers Heavy Equipment
grading the slope above the pond site.
Last of the logs moving off the site.
Moving some dirt now!
Beautiful place to practice some new skills!
starting to re grade the slope that will end up being above the pond.
Our Bush Campus Precision Machining students in their shop!#PROUDTOBEGST
29 days ago, Bush Campus CTE
Bush Campus CTE
Bush Campus CTE
GST BOCES Cooper Campus Collision Repair & Refinishing and Automotive Technology classes presented a vehicle to a deserving local Veteran today through the Recycled Rides program. Click here to see photos and read more: #PROUDTOBEGST
about 1 month ago, GST BOCES Marketing & PR
Recycled Rides at GST BOCES
Students in the PM New Visions Human Services and Education class volunteered at the Food Bank, packing 1400 meals for students in the school backpack program! #PROUDTOBEGST
about 1 month ago, New Visions Human Services & Education:Bush Campus
Students in the New Visions and Human Services class packed 1400 bags for the school backpack program.
New Visions Human Services and Education Class volunteering at the Food Bank.